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Chronic Lifestyle Diseases | Why the future of hospitality and healthcare are linked?

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    Kamal Padia

    Founder & Chief Outcomes Officer, The Good Health Clinic (TGHC)
    US, India, UAE

    Kamal is the CEO at The Good Health Clinic (TGHC). AT TGHC, their mission is to democratize personalized, safe and science-led health coaching and physician coordination for over 200 million patients of chronic, metabolic diseases in India and MENA. Patients of these diseases (Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, High Cholesterol, PCOS, ...) struggle to reverse their disease progression. ~1.4 million deaths happen annually in India and MENA due to Diabetes alone.

    Medical tourism is the fastest growing segment within hospitality and the industry can capitalize on this opportunity through a modified value proposition including health and wellness for their guests. Kamal wants to bring an outsider’s, first principles based problem-solving to the field of healthcare. Previously, he built Mastercard's services business in Middle East & Africa. He was also a strategy consultant with McKinsey in London, Dubai and Singapore.