Ragging in Indian Academic Institutions has become the damaging form of interaction of the senior with fresher/juniors/ new comers including physical violence, sexual abuse and humiliation and milder form of pressurizing juniors for introduction with singing, dancing, proposing which sometimes generate feeling of shame and embarrassment.

Looking into the matter UGC issued guidelines for Anti Ragging and defines Ragging in a broader way to consider all activities that causes feeling of shame or adversely affect junior students. These guidelines are mandatory and applicable to all educational Institute both Govt. and public sectors. U.P. Govt. has issued an ORDINANCE which provides punishment to students involved in Ragging, by charging Monetary Fine up to 2.5 Lakh or he/she may be rusticated or imprisoned in Jail.

Anti Ragging committee of the Institute:- As per the guidelines of UGC, Institute has Anti Ragging committee which also works as Anti Ragging Squad is dedicated to ensure the direction of Honrable Supreme Court to create a healthy and Ragging free environment in the campus and Hostel.

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